Monday, 20 February 2012

Past photos that I found lying around my computer

Just to start us off, these are some of the things that I've made in the past.
Obviously I don't have that many photos, but I thought it might make a decent blog post.
Stay in tune! I'll be back with my own recipe soon (AND photos)! (:
In the meantime:
Wow can you say blurry? This is my absolute favourite: Aglio Olio sauteed in coconut milk!
 Spinach wrapped tomato and boccioni cheese with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar
 Homemade blueberry bread
 Guacamole with spinach chips
Rice Laaaaasaaagnaaaaa
 Spinach wrap with spinach and mozzarella
 Sweet pumpkin bread (prior to being baked)
 My first attempt at macarons! Ginger macaron
 Some cookies
 Home baked granola
Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese

Now, time to post a recipe!

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