About the teenager

I'm a 17 going on 18, living humbly in a red brick house with 4 roommates, attending high school by day and cooking (or stressing about exams and summatives) by night.
I've been living on my own since I was 11; living abroad, thousands and thousands of miles away from my family. At first, cooking was a necessity. I had no choice but to cook to simply go on living, but at age 11, you just don't know how to boil pasta to al dente, or how to oven bake potato wedges. I lived on wonder bread, nutella, jam, instant rice, eggs and fruits for a year, then someone told me that nutella isn't actually healthy for you, which might explain the bulged out belly that I was sporting in my sassy grade five days. So I deiced to learn to cook. When kids my age were playing four squares in the sun, I was taking squashes out of the oven, attempting to make that perfectly turned over omelette, dicing tomatoes and so on.

Since then, I've been inventing my own recipes; cooking without any references or cookbooks laid out in front of me - mostly because I couldn't afford one at that age - and the results of these 'inventions' were...amusing, to say the least.
Like this spicy strawberry pasta

I think that's what makes it fun for me, coming up with a ridiculous and conventionally weird recipes and making them work. I'm learning a lot in the process, I still can't afford a decent cookbook so I've been learning from the internet, from people and from experience and every step of the way has been wonderful. I just wish I had kept the past recipes or pictures of them.
Oh well, I guess it's a fresh start!

Obviously, I'm still lacking a lot of skill or knowledge, so do feel comfortable to enlighten me on anything anytime! 

Email me if you have any questions or concerns, any of that jazz:



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